Influence for Change - Mental Health Awareness Day

“It has been personally challenging for me to see the kind of hatred and insensitivity that people are capable of. I thought that however small, I should put some kindness out in the world,” says Adishi, who currently works on two projects: Letters of Kindness and Mental Health Talks India.

A freelance writer based in Delhi, Adishi is interested in exploring social-emotional learning as a tool for mental and emotional wellbeing, in educational institutions, families, and workplaces. Much like physical health, she believes, mental wellbeing is what everyone should be concerned about.

Speaking on the inspiration behind letters of kindness, she says, “It was essentially based out of the understanding that all of us are struggling.” She writes letters and notes to people about their struggles. “I have written 46 letters so far and have received immense love in return. Every time someone has told me that they keep the letter by their bedside or that they're going to frame it and put it on their wall so they can see it every time they need it, has warmed my heart.” MentalHealthTalks was formed by Ayushi Khemka because of her experiences with insensitivity towards mental health in her university space, and Adishi joined her a month later.

The idea is to advocate for sensitive and stigma-free conversations around mental health. Having a presence on all major social media channels, they regularly create content around aspects of mental health in India, conduct various campaigns and are soon going to conduct offline events. “A lot of people write to us in our DMs, and just the fact that someone is there to listen makes them so much better. The way they are always so grateful to us for being there to listen is something we really hold dear.” This Mental Health Day, TopSocial applauds her efforts and sends her message across to our readers, “You are not alone. With the right kind of help and support, it gets better. Whoever you meet, just always remember that they are struggling too. Extend that supportive hand, whenever and wherever you can. We are all in this together!”


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